Scrum with Roman Pichler

…or better don’t.

I just read the book “Scrum” from Roman Pichler. And I currently see a scrum guy in action taking care of a sort of big development project happening in a sort of big company. Big means more than 1000 employees and the project has more than 50 members all in all.

The book is not bad. It tells you the most important aspects about Scrum, but sort of doesn’t feel vivid enough to give the reader a good impression what it would feel like to use Scrum in a certain environment. Here and then Roman does actually inject practical examples – which at the same time do not give enough context to let them be practical enough.

All in all I would say: If you are using scrum then this book gives you some ideas what things might be about. It lacks heart and soul though, so if anyone has a better idea (besides of just DOING scrum) – you’re welcome to contribute your book recommendations.


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