An IT project is slightly delayed. Everybody is sure it’s delayed. And it’s a fact, you just have to take a brief look into the waterfall-based-project plan. The bible of the project must be right. A good reason to panic.

One could now argue that the development delivered other things, but not that stupid milestone. And one should maybe take into account that under the hood something else is working now. Not a waterfall process anymore, but an agile methodology. Which actually tries to hit milestones which it wasn’t made for. Another reason to panic.

Data is being loaded from “finished” artifacts from the wrong source to the also wrong destination, doing not the right transformations and delivering actually not the right format. The next part of the architecture picks this data up and delivers it somewhere, where it shouldn’t be, while the next part of the architecture invents it’s own structure and takes self made data to hit the milestone everybody is so eagerly waiting for. The only part of the architecture delivering value is still not hooked up properly to any environment currently work is done on and in two days is a demonstration to all business users involved.

They will love us.  Panic.

P.s.: I have started this article approximately 15 days ago. It’s still valid for the next demo…wow. 😉


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