Team Spirit

In the scrum team I am in we achieved 2 weeks ago an agreement. The first release should happen at day X with content Y. Everyone was pressing towards this goal – this meant bugfixing, bugfixing – and bugfixing. The project management had given guidance in terms of priority, so anything else then zero burndown each meant that something was going wrong.

Project Management realised after a couple of days that there is almost zero burndown. I could explain as much as I wanted – the end was project management attending scrum standups, micro managing people and wasting time in meetings to understand ALL the issues.

Yes, them participating in the standup is great. While micromanaging is not. There was (and I think/hope still is) a small grain of team energy spirit, as everybody was eager to hit the selfgiven milestone. And we did it. But I think project management derives the wrong conclusion. While their attendance is a success factor, especially if it comes to decisions the team cannot make, them micromanaging the team is decreasing self-organisation skills significantly.

So obviously there is a narrow path between project management successfully involved and project management kills team spirit.


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