Becoming dull

Today I watched a movie called “Game of Death”. After the first couple of assassinations which were a bit shocking I started to expect that everyone in a scene, besides the main actors, will die. Which was almost always the case.

The story is crackbrained, the actors are mediocre, scenes are partly ok but really everything in this film doesn’t make sense. The amount of bullets in a gun, the amount of blood which someone looses after being killed (it’s not enough) – and lots of other stuff as well (dead people being on the floor that second, disappearing the next etc.) – and last but not least the plot itself.

You wonder why I am writing that stuff in a the scrum blog? First of all I watched the movie and wanted to let off some steam. Secondly the same applies to the scrum project I am currently in. We are obviously in a movie which has potential (budget, story, surroundings) – but we seem to be unable to fill that story with life. We have a couple of puppeteers who pull the strings when it comes to the part filling the storyline with intelligent actions.

The actions of our puppeteers are as predictable as can be. You have a release planning with quite some in depth analysis of the complexity of the work upfront. The user story points divided by velocity does not equal project go live. So obviously the team misjudged the needed effort. After the first sprint working on user stories the numbers should get reported for finished user stories. Guess what, nothing was finished. So they tried to find almost finished user stories – and they found a couple. They tweak here and there as long as they can to get a result that looks ok, instead of taking things as they are and raise so the urgency for the project timeline and prepare actions which define what is sensible to achieve in the given time (insteadof delivering a something till deadline…)

Someone once wrote that we are not ready for the truth when talking about user photos at social networks showing you drunk on a party which could lead to a possible decline when applying for a job and the employer googles your name first. I think if we had permanent observation – everyone would be drunken on a party some time in his life. Or maybe only 99% of the people… The fact that we humans are not perfect is sort of painful. We like perfect politicians, we like perfect developers and of course we like perfect projects. But reality does not really care what we like or dislike.

Especially in our current project there is the need to raise some urgency levels – giving a green status all the time does not ring a bell anywhere – and after failing everybody will ask why, because of status green all the time. And even if we don’t fail – we will be far below expectations, at least below our own. Tweaking facts so the fit a fake reality is painful – but it starts to make you dull after a while.


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