Inspired by 750 words

My shortcomings today
I play to much. I should spend more time with my kids. I should do more sports. I should kiss my wife more often. I am too fat. I should write a book. I should perform better at my job. I should be less cheeky but professionally rejecting stupid requests from my boss.

I should work less. I should eat healthier and less. I should sleep more. I should develop more software and I should read more. I should read more normal books, more books about techie stuff. I should read two magazines a day, I should have subscribed to Financial Times UK and Handelsblatt. I should own a kindle or something similar to read those newspapers as I hate wasting paper.

I should spend my time, if not for the things above, cleaning, tidying up. I should not waste my time with doing bits and pieces. I should do things more focussed – only one thing at a time.

I should not read while I play counterstrike. I should not play counterstrike while I read.

I should not think about problems at work, while I am at home.

My Book writing
Currently I am writing a book, or I am about to start one. I am pretty sure, what I have produced so far is more of a brainstorming – which topics I’d like to cover, what could be the content etc. So it is pretty much unstructured, but never the less a start and I should really try focussing on it instead of writing 750 words a day. But then I need to write, I feel the urge to write but I can’t always write in a way that I can see a read thread or create one.

I really do have trouble writing top down, what I think is very helpful. Bottom up is interesting but I believe a good story is not bottom up. Or is it? Maybe I should try both approaches and maybe with bottom up first, I might be able to reach earlier good results.

It’s easter but I have no present for my wife. Not even something very small, which is a shame.

How we write news
It’s getting dark outside and according to the online news it’s one of the coldest Marches we had in the last 100 years. Yeah, fuck it. It’s the first non-european pope and everything has to be the first / never / biggest / smallest thing to get noticed and reported. We do not see much normal things being reported in the normal newspapers – and if they are normal someone comes up with an airpump and pumps it up. Until the normal thing is A wrong and B not normal anymore.

The keyboard I have is a Logitech, cordless K360 in white with fancy stuff printed on it. Looks like badly drawn rectangles but a change. I like it. It’s one of the best I had – besides all these really cheap ones which click loud, look really boring but have the standard layout. Why – the fuck – have “new” keyboards “new” layouts. IT IS NOT ABOUT CREATIVITY YOU NUMBNUTS AND FUCKWHITS. Ah let’s give this doctor a new scalpell – fancy but the handle has been made sharp as well. Hey let’s give this dude a new car, where you accelerate by turning the wheel to the left and brake by turning it right. Steering is with the cludge (for poor folks who don’t know what this is, go fuck yourself) and the radio on switch puts toxic gas into the the rear of the car.

My wife just reads Räuber Hotzenplotz – if you don’t know what this is, you have two options. A – educate yourself, it’s a nice thing for kids. And maybe even adults. B – fuck yourself, but this time really hard.

The room I sit in smells bad. I ate to much and now I farted. This really sucks ass. I just observed that I earn too much money and I spend too much of it. Well, just means 6 hours ago when I did a proper cashflow review.

What else?
I haven’t reached the 750 words barrier yet – which sucks. And I sometimes hate me, which sucks as well. I am the cook of the family, so I will have to cook now.

Take aways:
I should make myself a backlog of things I want to change and assign them a value. I shall order them by value and tackle them one ofter the other.

I should think about buying a new keyboard.

I should open a blog and publish this. People should fuck themselves often, as it is a healthy thing and I think I will write fuck yourself very often. Fuck yourself if you don’t like it. In your face.

I will play less.

I will be more focussed.

I will conquer this great fucking me / world.


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