Homosexual marriage in Germanien

If you don’t know “Germanien” this is German and was the area where the teuton’s settled. I refer to this, as we behave a bit – in my opinion – too old fashioned when it comes to the topic of what homosexuals are allowed  / are not allowed to do, especially when it comes to the point of living their live as a heterosexual couple does.

It is alien to me why we have a public opinion amongst politicians that a homosexual marriage does not equal a heterosexual marriage. That it is actually, at least from a legal perspective, not the same. The public (politicians excluded) is with roughly 75% for a the so called “Homo Ehe” which translates into homosexual marriage.

I don’t know what this means in detail, but in general I’d assume that our politicians as per usual do not reflect the will of the nation but their own fear, backward and reactionary self. This is why my smile turns into a smirk when I see the German “Reichstagsgebäude” and the label “DEM DEUTSCHEN VOLKE” (to the german people). What they do inside is usually not to or for the German people, but it’s pretty damn sure for themselves. A bit more altruism in their daily work wouldn’t harm.



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