Impossible – What we say and what we do

When I am at the end of one of my rants I usually come around with the sentence “The only option is to kill yourself eventually.”

This counts for my usual rants and for life in general.

I just recently read the article of Anke Gröner where she describes how much she does not like to neglect certain food as it is unhealthy or unethic to eat it. Or because it makes you fat. Or because the cow was every unhappy when she /he was killed / had an unhappy life. Because the food was produced in a way that the places where it comes from are now polluted by chemistry. Well the last items I did add. Generally I agree, while I find it not so worth writing about food only.

Luckily the page who started off that crap with “better life” achieves the link between the food on your table and the garment you wear (from Bangladesh). And that if you have such a skirt from Bangladesh, that you somehow failed. But the writer has soothing words for you at hand: You do not have to reach your goals, as long as you do not stop trying. Well.

Say: Do not buy from Amazon as you support them exploiting poor Spanish workers.

Do: We buy from another shop instead where we simply do not know if they are not also exploiting their workers. Plus the stuff we buy is made in countries and from companies who do constantly exploit their workers (e.g. Apple / Foxconn). I think compared to Foxconn Amazon provided a quite luxurious working place.


Say: Do not eat  discounter meat, as it is not from farms who treat their animals properly (adequate to their natural needs).

Do: We go into a restaurant and eat meat there. We eat Döner. We eat Burger. We eat a sandwich.


Say: Do only use green energy.

Do: First the green energy is not necessarily green due to the cheap CO2 certificates, secondly we go by Bus, drive a car, go by plane or buy something online which is delivered to me by a truck.


Say: Do not waste energy.

Do: Living in a old building built in 1900, which is so badly leaking, that you have to have the heating turned on high all winter.


Say: People should not have to work on a Sunday.

Do: Go bathing on a Sunday. Consume energy. Go to the internet. Watch TV. Drive by public transportation. Call the police when seeing a burglar. Going into hospital. Theater. Cinema. Bakery. Restaurant. For all these things you need people in the background maintaining, serving, working.


Say: Our CO2 emissions are too high.

Do: Live and breath. Stop living and you will have an excellent CO2 emission.


Which brings the rant roughly to a hold as I promised fatal sentence would somehow mark the end. But this is the exception of the rule – what I so strongly disagree with is the attitude that we should have constantly a bad conscience because we live. You can’t walk on this planet without extinguishing life, produce CO2 and somehow support other negative things.

Should you be aware? Yes, I think we should. But we are still allowed to enjoy life and not define the garment from bangladesh as a failure. I want to enjoy life, I can’t if EVERY move I make creates a bad conscience or is reflected. If I would do this my life would be very miserable. Let’s reflect what I did today (it’s 10:49 in the morning):

At 06:50 am I got up. On a Saturday – omg, first thing I did wrong. Said my wife goodbye, she is now cross the atlantic (well, sitting in a plane most likely right now) and will be back in a weeks time. My older one ate breakfast while I did read. Should have joined him at the table and watched him eating. My wife was picked up by a cab – but not a zero emission vehicle. We did not buy CO2 certificates to wash green her flight to the US. She gave me a ring on my phone later from the airport, with a phone made in bangladesh, with parts from chine and wherever. The mobile phone has these materials which are hard to get and where the process of getting them pollutes the earth, workers etc.

Later I watched a youtube video with my kids. We searched for “Rocket Launch” on youtube. Every search requires a whole army of servers to work for me. Most of them won’t use green energy. Some companies which do get my money will fund Al Quaeda. Shouldn’t have watched anything, as watching makes kids dumb (is a German thing). Read for 20 minutes to my older one from a magazine. The magazine was on recycle paper probably – the colors where pure chemistry I am pretty sure.

Now I am sitting in front of the computer instead of playing or occupying with the kids – what a bad father I am. Ignoring my own kids. I am writing on a table made by someone supplying IKEA. These suppliers are probably exploiting their workers. As I read CO2 emissions are still rising and we won’t be able to stop them and as Asian countries are developing well. All the technical gadgets (PC, laptop, two monitors, webcam, routers, printer, mouse, keyboard, headphones) are made in Asia. I am a direct supporter of the earth falling apart and the next famine in Africa.

It is not 10:59. I still have 12 hours before I go to bad and the list of things I did wrong today will be endless. And it will be a great day.



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