My little addiction

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but I remember I was ill and it was in Berlin. I watched (around 2009/2010) something in the morning program. Something called Scrubs. The laugh attacks I had from those (into german translated) three episodes where pretty hard and nearly painful.

Well – life moved on, I got well again, kids and family took over and forgotten was that strange thing. Three years later I was ill again, different city, different television. I watched it in english this time. And although (ah shit have to get a pepsi, the habaneros on my sandwhich are killiiing meeeee)

So moving on, mouth burning, half a glass pepsi here. Should have taken the milk.

Although I did not find it as hillarious as the thing I watched three years ago, it touched something inside of me. Something said: You need to watch the first episode, first season. I watched it. And then in two months or so, I watched it all. All nine freaking episodes. Usually between 23pm and 5 am, where kids and family gave me a rest. The shitty part, I work from 08-18. So life in office was hard, life at home was harder and here and there office and family life had to compromise a little.

It’s over now, but even after watching this can of worms getting a life of it’s own, I do not fully understand the need to watch. Come on, it is good stuff but is it really this great? I guess I would need to watch it with my wife again (in german I assume) so she can give her opinion. If she finds it great as well, 2 months of evenings are planned out.

If she does not, well I will certainly not watch any episode again (without her). Why not? Because you can not rewind life and watch it again. To me Scrubs was less than a series or a “movie” type of thing you could watch the funny parts again and again. It was real. All of those guys were weird and some things clearly overexaggerated or even wrong – but I believe those people do really exist (somewhere, not necessarily in a hospital). I am one of them, maybe that’s why I found it so funny to watch. Unfortunately the society I live in does not like that kind of crazyness too much – so Scrubs lived and expressed it for me. Which finally answers my wonder about what was so special about it.

Just wanted to share this with you. And how sad I am Dr. D. left.


One thought on “My little addiction

  1. I see we both like Scrubs! I had the same addiction in 2009 when working on a contract in London. There were 6 episodes a day on week days, and I watched them all 🙂

    I am engrossed with “Dexter” – different style altogether, but very enjoyable nonetheless, I am sure you’d like it!

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