Change your life in 3 Minutes.

Just watch the following movie and think about it.

I did the same and read a bit later the comments on “DasNuf“. It’s in German but if you want to google translates it – or you can quickly read my synopsis of both most comments and DasNuf’s opinion.

Summary: Life does not give you the choice to have the choice; so saying it’s as simple as doing what you really desire is a stupid statement! You can follow this advice (of doing what you want to desire to do) only with enough money in the background and / or the right social environment which enables you do be “free” in your choice.

Well. I am not convinced. I think it really matters what you do and why you do it. Unfortunately, at least for me and most people I know WORKING means 40-50 hours a week working. That means a major part of your day is spent doing what you either hate or like or something in the middle or something which is mostly what you like or what you mostly don’t like. Let’s make this graphically:

▁ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▁

sucks ————————— rocks

The bar in the middle represents your working fun as it is today – you find yourself in the middle, normally everything’s alright, not interesting not disturbing or too boring either – and then there are these rare occasions of brilliance, the shining light at the end of the tunnel. If you are such a person that the shining light every now and then is sufficient – here you go. I believe some people can go with this graph as well:

█ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▁

sucks ——— rocks

Just a few seconds per day or a couple of hours in average per months are enough for them to keep up. If these 2 hours is the period of time it takes you to inhale your paycheck – lucky you. For some people it’s not enough. They feel all the time miserable. I wrote years ago about a friend of mine who became a banker just because his father was a banker as well. He was and he is not happy. His father in the meantime because of psychological issues (mobbed at work and worked sucked) received from the Doctor the sick certificate until retirement (roughly 12 years to go).

I believe the video above is not so much directed at those people who are mediocre unhappy / happy with their job, but more for the bankers. Those of us who chose what they do because it somehow happened and after all the graph is most often in the sucks area. Or it is just in the middle, but still not as thrilling as it could be being a writer, artist…

What I find quite interesting though is the aggressiveness with which DasNuf as well as most of the commentators abolish the concept of having a dream of wanting to fly more than anything in your life and then striving for that ultimate goal with all your being. A friend of mine got desperately sick at one of her legs. She had tons of medical exams since she turned around 12-16. With 16 she was more often at the hospital than with her friends or at school. The idea formed of better understanding what’s going on with her and to actually do what Doctors do – helping kids. She was a pretty underaverage student with a lot of average grades. And 16 is quite late for recognizing that an average grade of 3.4 will never bring you to a German medical place to study.

But this idea got stuck to her and she sat down, learned quite a lot (I assume) and exited school with a grade close to 1.0. Of course she is a doctor today, helping kids, adults – and in the interim, also due to her “better understanding” her own condition has a cured leg now.

Ok, Doctor , grades of 1.0 – not your style?

Let’s take someone else. Again a she and she did study chemistry and physics. Don’t ask me why and after 13 semesters she did not understand either why. Well, this phase of not fully understanding started already a bit earlier. She was always in love with horses, she trained them, cleaned them – did everything she could in her free time during studies to be with the horses. Not much money though, neither from family nor from horse cleaning. After 13 semesters she finally binned university and works now since some years on a small horse farm. She has something like 2 or 3 horses she trains, gives lessons – and while it’s tough with 2 kids and a husband who earns just enough they are getting a long. And she does what she loves. Lately she made progress in winning tournaments, the story ain’t over yet. Will it be a typical happy ending? Maybe not, but it’s a happy life already 🙂

The agressiveness with which the follow-your-dreams / desires is abolished makes me sad and agressive as well. There are people, kids out there who need those kind of … idealistic approach to find their way. Sure, we can not always follow our dreams due to various constraints – but we can try. And especially when we are in a situation where we actually don’t live our dream, we need to try it every day.


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