Energy Transformation

Marlies writes in a not so recent article in the quite informative blog about Americans who seem to take Germany as an example for the energy transformation. She correctly states that Germany is by far not over the hump yet – but we obviously try hard. Then something interesting comes as a reason for giving our tries the extra push, the last sentence:

“Nur Mut, liebe Regierung. Traut Euch endlich. Allein, um eine Blamage vor dem Ausland zu vermeiden.” (source)

(Be brave, dear government. Dare to do the next step. If only to avoid the disgrace in front of foreign countries.)

I think there are many good reasons for having a greener life and produce energy out of renewable sources – but avoiding disgrace is clearly not the right way from my point of view. What if others would start to think not having nuclear powerplants is a disgrace? 😉 Just a thought.


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