A comment to the book from Simon Kernick – The Payback

I was recently in Heathrow and it was pretty boring. So I walked the place and had a look at lenses as well as other gadgets, such as the Kindle Paperwhite. It had quite a few books to test-read and I read the first two pages of “The Payback”.

Then I played 21st century, downloaded via the Heathrow free Wifi the Kindle App to my phone and purchased the book, as the two pages looked promising. An average thriller, easy to read, with a predictable outcome – and still making time go bye.

And somehow this says everything there is to say. The highlights:

1) Interesting settings (countries, scenes)
2) Quite well described protagonists
3) Justice is brought upon all evil characters 😀

The lowlights:

1) The scenes could have been far more vivid
2) The setting could have been more realistic – it was realistic but then it was only realistic in the world our not so realistic US blockbusters are settled in
3) It was so freaking anticipated what was going to happen
4) Quite limited vocabulary.

After all – quite a good book for a few hours of brain switch off, don’t expect too much.


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