CDU and Green Party – why they should steer Germany now!

I do totally agree with Dirk Müller, when he says that you can’t utter a good opinion these days if you are member of a party. He says that the idea is then always seen in the context of being from a certain party / wing and therefore is irrelevant of the content abolished by the other parties for being left / right.

Instead we should govern this country cooperatively – good idea shall stay a good idea and taken into consideration for the next steps regardless where the good idea came from.

Despite the fact that I, as I said before agree with Dirk, I also see that we are where we are right now. In a system where cooperation is not important, where Germany is not important but where parties and the respective politicians count more than anything else. The SPD did rule out the possibility to govern with Linke & Grüne before any voter did put his first vote into the vote box. Oh dear – it’s not your choice, it is the choice of the people.

It is quite annoying, that when we do these elections the politicians are supposed to interpret the result who is going to govern with whom. I believe we as citizens should have another vote after the first to determine which party has to go with which party. I think we should be able to elect the chancellor and the president. I would like to vote for/against the “Betreuungsgeld”, money you receive from the government if you don’t send your kid to a public kindergarten.

So again – why do I think Grüne and CDU should now unite? Because I believe that economy and ecology fit nicely together. Because I am sure we will continue turning into a greener Germany in the next decades anyway and as the CDU has no knowledge about ecology the green party could be the driver for this, while the CDU sorts the budgets out. Why the green party has to have a left/right wing, why we always have to distinguish a party into those “buckets” I don’t know. I believe this makes people far too prejudiced, leads to losing focus on what is important and having instead senseless discussions about the definition of left / right in general – and for every move one makes (left movement? right movement?).

I think this would also help sharpening the functional profile of each party. If the government was an engine, right now the cylinder tries to do everything. We have different components and each component has a certain level of expertise in a certain area. I think the parties should unite in order to have the right level of expertise across the different challenges lying ahead. And far in the future I’d like to have something else than parties which are left/right.



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