European Election

This morning I had an excellent morning. Less because the vote was on my mind, more because I went to bed at 20:30, slept at 20:45 and woke up at 06:20 and was wide awake and ready to start the day.

Then – the sun was shining and a bright blue sky greeted my vivid eyes.

After some diddle daddle I did chose my favourite seat in the house (the one in front of my PC) and started to use the Wahl-O-Mat in order to find out which party to vote for later.

Not all parties suck in opinion, but none if them is perfect either. The most common parties are hard to vote for, as their representatives are neither my age nor do they have the background. None of them would understand what agile is, they would probably enemies of agile.

The Wahl-O-Mat is a Question and Answer website, where you answer Questions, then your answers are compared to the answers of certain parties and it’s being calculated how well your opinion matches the selected parties.

I had a party which had an overlap of 80% with my ideas – and the 20% it was apart where questions which I would have rated at either unimportant or their position was well founded.

Ok – so I went electing a bit later, voted for the FDP although I believe they are a bit crappy. But unfortunately the “Pirates” are as crappy as the FDP somehow, plus they are only strong in the area of “Internet”. There is more out there then the internet, there is public transportation, hospitals etc. and whatever the pirates offer in those areas seems so unrealistic and far fetched, that I can’t take them serious.

The FDP has the big disadvantage that they suffer much from lobbyism (Hotel vac) and inner conflict. A good side of the FDP is that Leutheuser-Schnarrenberger is FDP and against collecting, storing connection details for a long period of time since the first day. I hope she represents a spirit which is omnipresent in th FDP.

So a lot of hopes and assumptions, but as my teacher used to say – I am voting democracy every time I vote. And I voted a party which stands for more democracy and a stronger European Union where all countries transfer some of their power to the Europe Union, so we stand strong and united in this world. With a common value interpretation, the democratic, humanistic view, strong enough if we speak with one voice to make this a better world.

Let’s see what the day brings – and if they fail, I might try the pirates next time, who knows?

Who would you vote?


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