Lies – everywhere lies!

We are being lied at. It’s nothing which is suprising for the average German citizen. Mr. Guttenberg lied a lot when it came to his Phd thesis and we are used to politicians nowadays who claim their PhD thesis is valid and even go to court to fight for keeping their title just to gain enough publicity to fail miserably two to four months later and actually lose title and face.

Of course there where no weapons of mass destruction in Irak and of course no one knew about NSA and prism / tempora / xkeyscore. And by the way – there is not even one election campaign carried out (as far as I have seen) against the way the world fights currently against terror by eavesdropping into the very blog I am just writing.

According to a German TV report (“Ich gebe Ihnen mein Ehrenwort – Lüge und Wahrheit in der Politik” which translates somehow to “I give you my word of honor – trueth and falsehood in politics”) only 11% of Germans currently trust German politicians (unfortunately I can only recall this number, I don’t find in anywhere in the online version of that report).

Disclaimer: I wrote this post roughly half a year ago. I don’t know what I intended with it, so I publish as is.



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