Agile – offshore?

After seeing agile in action for quite a while now, the next interesting challenge knocks on the door – can you be agile and offshore?

The answer must be nes. Or Yo. Jeff Sutherland recently invited for a webcast on the topic of distributed teams, and I believe a lot of the challenges in a distributed team will appear in a similar flavour also for the offshore thing. I seem to remember that he doesn’t recommend distributed teams 🙂

Offshore here means Asia, different timezone, different culture.

Then – contracts. How do you make an agile contract?

Quite soon I will head towards India to learn more about their setup, will coach agile over there and hunt for feedback. Something I am looking forward to, something which is an interesting challenge.

I am currently inclined to think that it’s not a good idea, that it will cost more than it brings – but then I look at it from the other side of the medal, that there are organisations who have this setup and still want to optimise – so definately an opportunity to learn, to identify the cracks this brings to agile, where the costs are and to determine eventually how agile, how you can make such a setup as efficient, rewarding as possible.

Sounds too optimistic? Let’s see. I will publish over the next 6-12 months my experience here. Search for the tag agile-offshore.


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