A Taxi Man – No Mercy, No Remorse

Flew into Heathrow lately and went into a taxi. The driver, mid 50ies I reckon, did almost fall asleep. Secondly, behind me a German who must have been superman and managed not to become CEO of any company whatsoever by voluntarily letting other people go before him. So I spoke to the taxi driver.

At some point I asked him about his opinion on the refugees topic. He pointed at the crowded M4 and said that the UK is already full. Lack of space everywhere, houses, streets, schools. No – UK can’t take any. The other two people I interviewed saw this as a challenge to take refugees but clearly where for taking refugees into the country.

Cameron admitted to take extra 20.000 in the next 5 years or so. I just heard that Munich will take in September 135.000.


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