Retrospective of what happened lately

Yes. It’s been a while since I blogged the last time. There were a few topics I could have been blogging about, but couldn’t find the right words.

One thing which bothered me lately was the way a headcount reduction was going on in my company.

Another topic the “new” Scrum Master who’s first idea is if the right audience does not appear in the Show and Tell, that it’s better to let go. Or splitting a user story, if it is too big for one sprint into “Development” and then “Testing”.

Or the fact that I am too long at work – which countradicts the agile principle of a sustainable pace. I felt it is not sustainable, neither for me nor others next to me.

Not last probably and definitely not least: External Supplier Headache. We have a company which does small development and bugfixings for us, at the same time they deal with first level support. 2/3rds of what they do is shit. And whatever I tried in the last years to improve the situation failed. Because I believe you will never be able to drink the Pacific empty.

So much for the working life. Privately – I am fine. I am a bit too fat, I definitely don’t do enough sports and I play too much computer games. Compared to the above…quite ok, given that I could change all three things in my private life easily. Maybe not so much the cancer of my father, but it looks a bit as if things were under control – and then again they are so out of my control, so I can’t be bothered too much. As long as he lives at least another 15 years, but chances are that this is the scenario at hand.

So where do we start?

I just read an article about what a job should be like – fulfilling. That you should be passionate about it.

There is one big issue with being passionate about something – the more you are passionate about your job, company etc. the more you are also passionate about the wrong developments. And most out of these are usually beyond your own level of influence. Yes I can argue with that Scrum Master, but in the end she will do what she thinks is right. Yes, I can be unhappy about communication fuck-ups at work, but if those who could do something about are unwilling to do something, what can I do? I could go to the worker’s council and make my boss unhappy. At least it is closer than the Scrum Master thing in regards to level of influence.

The next thing about being too long at work to make it sustainable – totally in my level of influence.

And the external-supplier-headache, our continuous efforts at least move a possible solution into my level of influence.

So out of the things which are not running well a few are in my level of influence and what I started changing already is the sustainable pace thing – I worked only 40 hours in the last two weeks, which is a big improvement. Secondly, as said, my level of influence on the external-supplier-topic is rising. And last but not least I didn’t join the X-Mas Party where those guys which are responsible for the comm-fuckup were all over the place, smiling and celebrating themselves. Only stitch that some people I like love the X-Mas party and I surely would have liked to spend time with them under more casual circumstances. But instead I slept 10 hours per night and a few during the day, enjoyed my time with the family and had time for the first blogpost since weeks. I hope you chaps had a nice Christmas Party still 🙂



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