Game Over II

I just bought a week ago a new graphics Card. I thought I found out how the cookie crumbles, found gaps in those over 30 days where I could easily play without impacting things. I bought a new graphics card. It was supposed to be much faster than my old one.

After installing it and not actually having a 3 month break but only 1 month, I played in the first gap. My wife was studying at this moment. Perfect. The phone rings. Damnit. My father on the line, who is in rehab from black skin cancer. I spoke to him an hour whilst continuing my game at the same time. We ended the call and I felt bad, because I knew I didn’t focus really on the conversation.

The next opportunity came along 3 days later. It was fine. Then on the fourth day one opportunity which had to be convinced to actually be an opportunity. I played too long. I played longer, and I played with a colleague a part of the game I actually didn’t appreciate too much. I need this game to work a 100% of the time, meaning no breaks, no stops, no frustration, just blasting away fullstop.

Then I started thinking whether I was playing too much already. I also need to mention that the performance was absolutely not as expected.

Overall after a week of trying I can’t seem to fit this kind of gaming into my current life without sacrificing something which is more dear and precious to me than a successful in Arma 3. So the graphics card goes back to Amazon (apologies for that guys, I did my best to pack it 110% as it did arrive) and I will take another break. Looking forward to it, I really liked the last one I must say.


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